Update from Health & Safety Rep

The latest news from our Health & Safety Rep, Fatima Felisberti:

Overview of Lockdown (local or otherwise) 

Kingston University H&S team is devising plans and considering closing buildings (or parts of them) in response to any new Covid-19 cases. In the event of a general London lockdown, I was told that:

the university will need to follow stipulations from Government and would move to having as many people working at home as possible and would aim to provide as much teaching online as possible. This would be the case for any other type of lockdown, local or specific to KU”.

Vulnerable staff
We were told at the Joint Negotiating and Consultative Committee (JNCC) meetings that vulnerable staff would not be forced to be on campus for face-to-face meetings, but the staff in that group would have to talk to ther line manager in advance and arrange for alternative options. I have asked about how to address any eventual disagreements, but nobody replied to my question yet.

The Covid-19 Secure Risk Assessment and Re-Opening Health & Safety Plan have been published on StaffSpace:https://kingstonuniversity.sharepoint.com/sites/staffspace/planning-for-the-new-academic-year/accessing-our-buildings-safely/Pages/default.aspx – links at bottom of the page. [NB. these are not the most up-to-date versions of these documents]

Further details about possible lockdowns, track and tracing plans, and cleaning:

  • Kingston University (KU) outbreak team 

KU will form a Silver Command team led by the DVC Corporate Services to manage the response. The team would typically involve Communications, Health and Safety and Business Continuity but depending on the location, size and type of outbreak may involve other functions.

  • New outbreak (local lockdown) 

They are “running a dedicated noticeboard Email address (alert@kingston.ac.uk) which is monitored daily for any reports of those needing to self-isolate. This has been operating since the start of the lockdown. Anyone confirmed as contracting, self-isolating or suspecting that they have Covid-19 reporting the fact to that noticeboard will initiate an investigation, which will be of a greater or lesser extent depending on many factors such as where they’ve been, when they were on site and whether or not it’s a confirmed case. They have quoted the “alert” Email address on all return to campus materials for consistency”.

  • New outbreak (Kingston lockdown) 

Jen Edwards, Kelly Griffiths and Ian Appleford are members of the Royal Borough of Kingston Borough Resilience Forum (which are aware of KU re-opening plans) and will liaise with them to run any localised lockdown. They will also be in contact about how Kingston should to respond in the event of an outbreak of Covid-19 in any of the university premises.

  • Track and tracing at KU 

They are asking students going to KU sites to register in advance and keeping track. They also have staff counting and recording those coming into buildings at entrances.

They are also using other systems to track and trace the number of students on the premises: Access control records, Computer logins  SEATS, CCTV. Wi-Fi usage may also provide some details (this is being confirmed).

  • KUSCO 

KUSCO has a specialist cleaning contractor to assist with any cleaning needed in response to an incident to avoid exposing KUSCO staff to a potential hazard.

In the case that buildings need to be closed, the university will provide controlled access to staff offices for retrieval of personal property and any items needed to facilitate working at home.

  • Cleaning

I was told they have additional cleaners for touchpoints and WCs and marshals monitoring behaviour in the buildings that are currently open.  They also expect to have contractors on site maintaining essential services such as water systems, lifts, fire alarms and emergency lighting.

Further updates from Ian Appleford, Kingston Health & Safety Manager:
  • Ventilation systems are still being worked on: most are now working better than previously. We are likely to install some additional electric fans in the Fitness Centre at Penrhyn Road prior to replacing the air handling unit.
  • We will now also be mandating face coverings in Libraries (Town House, Nightingale, KP and RV libraries) in line with Government standards and in WCs given their restricted size. We are still recommending face coverings in all buildings, especially in circulation spaces.
  • We have prepared a lectern note summarising all arrangements we’d like anyone running a class to ensure all attending know.


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