Need help at work?

If you need support, advice or representation for any work-related problem, as a UCU member trained Kingston Reps, backed up by specialist UCU staff from the London region, are here to help you.

If you have a problem and need other union members’ help, please Contact Us or speak to a member of the Branch Committee based in your School or Faculty.

We will arrange a local Kingston UCU caseworker to support you. They will sit down with you, talk through your problem and discuss possible solutions. 

We can offer advice on issues to do with your terms and conditions (contracts, leave, promotion, etc.), bullying and harassment, sickness absence, displinary or grievance procedures, health and safety. We can represent you in formal meetings with management.

UCU generally tries to get members’ problems resolved at a local level. If we as a branch can’t resolve the problem through local negotiation and need assistance, we will approach relevant officials at UCU head office or the London regional office. If appropriate we will seek legal advice and representation for you.

To make sure we can support you with problems at work, join the union when you start, not when things start to go wrong.